My Take On Books…


Hello fellow readers,

Whenever i take a novel out in public, say, in my class or in the bus,i notice that people around me start asking questions about the said book. The usual questions are,

“What book are you reading?”,”Who is the author?”,”What is the story line?”,”Is the book good?”, and so on.

Usually, I love discussing such topics, but answering the same questions time and again is a little vexing. So i decided to start a blog. Whoever wants to know more about the book i’m reading,will find the information here. I’ll keep you updated on the new releases of the month and the most popular books doing the rounds. I’ll tell you which book is worth reading and which is not.I’ll give you a brief summary of the book, its price,the genre and where you can buy or rent it.

There are also people who want to cultivate a reading habit. It is never too late to start reading.  I’d be happy to help you pick out the perfect novel for your first read.

Here’s to a speedy response from all of you. Please feel free to express your opinion about the blog, on any article i post,on books you’ve read and want to recommend, anything related to books.

Thanks all 🙂


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